Tooth Colored Fillings Give Your Teeth A Second Chance

By Rose Dental Associates
July 13, 2017
Category: Dental Appliances
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Some people avoid going to see their family dentist due to general dental anxiety. Other people neglect to get the fillings that theyFillings desperately need because they're simply afraid of the way their teeth might look with metal on the surfaces. Thankfully an option for the latter concern is available for patients at Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY: you can get a tooth-colored filling after a cavity is treated.

Why Patients Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings
The industry standard in the past was to give patients metal fillings because they were long lasting and very durable. But the problem with metal fillings is that when you open your mouth to speak or laugh, they are very easy to notice. Many patients have decided to opt for tooth colored fillings instead. They are made of either white porcelain or ceramic material that closely matches the shade of your natural teeth.

A Second Chance for Your Smile
Tooth-colored fillings are similar in function and durability to amalgam metal. With this dental filling in place, you can relax knowing that your smile is protected from future cavities when you eat and drink your favorite foods or beverages. You can also relax knowing that when you smile and interact with others they will not know that you recently went to see your Albany family dentist.

Avoiding Future Cavities
The best way to give your smile a second chance is to ensure you don’t develop any more cavities in the future. Here are a few tips for how to avoid more dental concerns:

- Make brushing and flossing daily a habit, not a passing thought. Most cavities develop because bad bacteria feed on leftover food particles.
- Reduce the amount of sugary foods or candy that you eat, and if you do have a sugary treat, brush right afterwards.
- Go in for a dental examination every six months so that your dentist can inspect your smile for the beginning signs of cavities.

Make an Appointment for Tooth Colored Fillings
If you've been hesitating to have a cavity filled because you're afraid of how it will look, ask your family dentist about tooth-colored fillings. Call (518) 456-7673 today to schedule an appointment at Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY.