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January 10, 2020
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For millions of Americans, missing teeth are a fact of life. Untreated decay, uncontrolled gum disease and accidental injury contribute to smiles that don't look or function as they should. At Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY, your team of four dentists offers state of the art dental implants, the surest way to complete your smile, keeping it strong and attractive.

Missing teeth affect your whole smile

It's true. A smile gap creates a whole host of issues. The obvious problems are inefficient biting and chewing, slurred speech, poor digestion and lack of confidence when you speak and laugh publicly.

However, missing teeth impacts you in other ways you may or may not think of. These include:

  • A deteriorating jaw bone. Bone in the alveolar ridge of the jaw resorbs quickly after dental extraction because it is not stimulated, or exercised, by biting and chewing.
  • Shifting teeth and malocclusion Your remaining teeth inevitably move toward the smile gap. As they move, they weaken, and your bite worsens. Malocclusion not only changes the bite on the affected arch but also on the opposing arch of teeth. Dentists call this super- or overeruption.
  • Poor self-esteem Who wants to show a less than healthy smile? People tend to withdraw socially because of how their mouths look.

Your alternative to a gapped smile

It could be dental implants, true artificial teeth from root to crown. The single implant consists of a titanium screw surgically embedded in the jaw. After the treatment site heals and the bone bonds with the device (through osseointegration), your dentist attaches a post and crown to the dental implant.

In the Albany area, Rose Dental Associates offer real hope patients who suffer from the adverse effects of tooth loss. With a careful examination of your oral health situation, these expert dentists could recreate your smile--even if you need extensive tooth replacement with bridges or dentures.

Dental implants handle the most complex of restorative needs. When you receive your new teeth, you're assured of realistic physical appearance, efficient oral function, easy oral hygiene and a smile that can last you a lifetime.

Feel good and look great

At Rose Dental Associates in Albany, you can. Explore what dental implants could mean for your smile. Contact our office for an individualized consultation. Phone us at (518) 456-7673.

By Rose Dental Associates
November 21, 2019
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Are you dealing with a cracked or damaged tooth in Albany, NY?

There are many reasons one of our Albany, NY, dentists may recommend getting a dental crown. A dental crown is the most commonly crown-and-bridgeused dental restoration and yet despite how often it’s placed, most people really don’t understand much about this dental procedure.

Read on to learn how the family dentists here at Rose Dental Associates use these restorations to benefit patients of all ages!


What is a dental crown?

A crown is a cap that covers over a tooth to protect it and preserve what’s left of the natural tooth structure. Crowns can be fabricated from a variety of different materials such as metal or porcelain fused to metal; however, porcelain and ceramic crowns are the most popular option because they actually look like real teeth. Porcelain or ceramic crowns are usually placed on teeth that are visible when you smile.

Dental crowns are usually made in a dental lab, so our Albany family dentists will take an impression of your teeth and prep them for the crown, but we will need to wait a couple of weeks for the lab to create the permanent restoration. In the meantime, our dentists will place a temporary crown over the tooth.


What is the purpose of a dental crown?

Even though some people may choose dental crowns in order to improve the shape, color, and appearance of a tooth, a dental crown is most commonly used for restorative purposes. A crown may be placed to,

  • Support a tooth when a filling is either too large or old
  • Preserve the natural tooth structure
  • To support a weak tooth and to prevent further damage
  • To protect a tooth after root canal treatment
  • To support and hold a dental bridge in place
  • To cover a dental implant to replace a missing tooth


Need dental work? Give us a call

If you are dealing with a decayed, cracked, or damaged tooth, it’s important that you have a trustworthy family dentist that can provide you with the care you need when problems arise. Call Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY, today at (518) 456-7673 to find out if you’re a proper candidate for dental crowns.

By Rose Dental Associates
July 24, 2019
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Dealing with a cavity? A dental filling will be able to restore your tooth quickly.

Most people will deal with a cavity at some point during their lifetime. When this happens, it’s important that you have a family dentist in CavityAlbany, NY, that you can turn to for immediate care. We know that finding out that you have a cavity isn’t the news you want to hear, but our dental team can, fortunately, restore your smile in no time thanks to tooth-colored dental fillings.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy when you get tooth-colored dental fillings from here at Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY:



Nothing is more important than getting a dental restoration that looks and feels just like the real thing. While fillings can be made from a range of different materials, we pride ourselves on creating restorations that look like real tooth enamel. That way, no one will even be able to tell that you have a dental filling.


Lasts for Years

Composite resin (the material from which we make dental fillings) is amazingly durable and resilient. As long as you properly care for your teeth and gums by regularly brushing, flossing, and coming in for routine checkups, there is no reason why your filling couldn’t last up to a decade or longer before needing to be replaced. By coming in every six months, we can also check your fillings and make sure that they are still healthy.


Fast Treatment

No one wants to sit in the dentist’s chair longer than they need to, and the quick, painless procedure of treating a cavity and placing a dental filling usually takes no more than one hour to complete.


Preserve More Healthy Tooth Structure

Since composite resin is bonded directly to the tooth, this means that we won’t have to remove much of the healthy natural tooth structure when placing a tooth-colored filling. Conversely, silver amalgam and gold fillings require that we remove more tooth structure in order to make room. Therefore, tooth-colored fillings offer a more conservative treatment that may provide better long-term preservation for the natural tooth.


Contact Us

Here at Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY, we are dedicated to providing you with the dental care you need. If it’s time for your next dental cleaning, call our office at (518) 456-7673 to book a consultation with one of our family dentists.

By Rose Dental Associates
May 28, 2019
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Are you wondering whether you really need to see your dentist every six months?

We know you are busy and that busy people often have trouble finding time in their schedules to take care of important matters such as their health; however, no matter how busy you get, it’s important that you carve out some time to visit your Albany, NY, family dentist at Rose Dental Associates. You only have to see us every six months, and this could end up saving you time and money in the future.

Why should I see my dentist regularly?

This simple dental checkup, which usually takes no more than 45 minutes, will not only get your teeth sparkling and clean but it’s also a chance for us to see what’s going with your smile to make sure that everything is healthy.

After all, many common issues don’t cause symptoms so you could be dealing with advanced gum disease or other issues and not even know it. Luckily, we know exactly what to look for to spot problems in their infancy.

The benefits of seeing your dentist for a six-month checkup include,

  • Reducing your risk for cavities
  • Removing plaque and tartar buildup to prevent gum disease
  • Early detection of oral cancer and other issues
  • Improving appearance and self-esteem
  • Improving sleep problems (that’s right! A dentist could provide you with a simple oral appliance to manage snoring and other sleep issues)
  • Reducing bad breath
  • Removing stains and discolorations for a whiter smile
  • Maintaining good overall health (after all, the health of your teeth and gums also give us insight into whether you could be dealing with osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and inflammation)

But I’m not experiencing problems. Do I still need to come in regularly?

The simple response is yes, you do need to visit your dentist even if you aren’t dealing with issues. After all, these cleanings and checkups allow our Albany, NY, general dentist to examine your teeth, gums and mouth to pinpoint issues early on when they can easily be treated. We can even recommend lifestyle changes that can improve your oral health and prevent gum disease, cavities or an infection.

Even if you aren’t at an increased risk for cavities or gum disease, it’s still important that you provide your mouth with the proper and thorough dental care it needs to stay healthy. While this shouldn’t take the place of proper at-home care, even if you are an avid brusher and flosser, you should still visit every six months.

Those who are at an increased risk for cavities, oral cancer, gum disease or oral infections may want to discuss coming in more often for cleanings and checkups.

Is it time for your six-month dental cleaning? If so, the friendly dental team here at Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY, is ready to work with your busy schedule to find the perfect time for your next cleaning. Call (518) 456-7673 today!

By Rose Dental Associates
March 27, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental implants keep your smile whole by filling in any gaps caused by missing teeth. In addition to keeping your smile whole, dental implants also provide support for the muscles of the face, help distribute biting and chewing functions across a full set of teeth, and restore speech, which can be affected by gaps in your smile. A dentist can help you decide if dental implants are the right option for you. The Several Dental Implantsdentists and staff at Rose Dental Associates are your dental professionals for dental implants in Albany, NY.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small metal posts that are used to anchor artificial teeth in place. Dental implants can be used to replace just one tooth or many. When replacing one tooth at a time, a dental crown is placed on top of the dental implant. When several teeth are being replaced at once, multiple dental implants are needed and are topped with a dental bridge or an implant-supported overdenture. An Albany dentist for dental implants can discuss which combination of dental implants and artificial teeth is best for you.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants extend beyond keeping your smile whole by replacing missing teeth and filling in gaps. Several problems can develop when teeth are missing. One potential problem is that your speech can change due to the gaps in your smile. The teeth help direct tongue placement when speaking. If there are gaps in your smile, the tongue can slip through those gaps and change the way you speak. Filling in the gaps with dental implants and artificial teeth can restore your normal speech.

Another problem that can develop when teeth are missing is sagging and drooping of the cheeks. The teeth provide support for facial muscles. Without enough teeth to support those muscles, they can droop and sag. Drooping and sagging changes the natural shape of the face and can cause you to appear older. Keeping your smile whole with dental implants helps provide adequate support for facial muscles, which can prevent sagging and drooping.

Keeping your smile whole with dental implants also has the added benefit of reducing strain on the teeth that had been compensating for missing ones. A full set of teeth helps distribute biting and chewing functions across all those teeth. When teeth are missing, the remaining teeth end up taking on more work and sustaining more wear and tear. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants and artificial teeth helps take the added strain off the remaining natural teeth.

Keep your smile whole with dental implants. A dentist can help you decide if they are right for you. For dental implants in Albany, contact Rose Dental Associates at (518) 456-7673.

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