Dental Implants: An Investment In Your Smile

By Rose Dental Associates
May 05, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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What dental implants can do to improve your smile

Your smile is one of your best assets. It may be time for you to make an investment in your smile. If you are missing a single tooth or dental implantsmultiple teeth, you should consider dental implants, the high-tech, modern method of tooth replacement. When you are missing teeth, your smile will look incomplete, with large spaces easily noticeable to others. When you don’t have a full set of teeth, your chewing ability is impaired, and this can cause problems for your digestion and your health. Your dentists at Rose Dental Associates, in Albany, New York, want you to know the many ways dental implants can improve your smile and your life.

Dental implants, like those provided by your dentists at Rose Dental Associates, are a completely natural-looking addition to your smile. When you choose dental implants, you can count on:

  • Enhanced chewing function, improving your digestion and general health
  • Improved confidence, knowing your dental implants won’t move around
  • Better oral health, because you can clean your implants just like your natural teeth
  • Enhanced satisfaction, knowing you can eat the foods you love without worry

Dental implants also help you retain bone and keep your firm facial contours. You will look more youthful with dental implants than you will with removable appliances. This is because the appliance resting on your bone can actually cause bone to disappear over time, and your face will begin to sag.

Your dentists at Rose Dental Associates in Albany want you to know about the high success rate of dental implants, over 95 percent! They have the highest success rate of any surgical implant.

Dental implants are an investment in one of your best assets, your smile. You want the best return on your investment, so don’t see just anyone. You need to call your dentists at Rose Dental Associates in Albany, New York. They can help you explore how dental implants can improve your smile. Call today!