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By Rose Dental Associates
November 09, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Have dental stains darkened and dulled your smile? Have over-the-counter teeth whitening products rendered disappointing results? At Rose Dental Associates, your professional dentists and their support staff offer the finest cosmetic dentistry services in Albany. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments available today—could it rejuvenate your smile too?

What happened to your teeth?

They're not as bright and white as they once were. How can that be? You brush, floss, and get your routine cleanings at Rose Dental Associates. Still, you're often hiding your smile when you laugh and smile in public.

Dental stains vary in cause and intensity. The easiest to treat is what dentists and hygienists call extrinsic stains, and they're caused by dark foods, highly-pigmented beverages, and tobacco usage (both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco).

At Rose Dental Associates, your team of four dentists offer in-office teeth whitening treatments. Using highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel, these one-hour treatments lift organic matter right out of tooth surfaces before your dentist simply rinses it away.

Do you qualify?

Your dentist at Rose Dental Associates in Albany will examine your teeth and gums first before recommending teeth whitening or any other cosmetic dental treatment. After a complete oral examination, your dentist may advise whitening to brighten your enamel by several shades of color.

The whitening process

It all happens right in the dental chair. Your lips and tongue will be protected with a plastic dam while your dentist applies the bleaching gel to all tooth surfaces. This process is repeated a few times, and after an hour or so, whitening is complete. Afterward, patients are amazed at the dramatic results!

Keeping it bright

Teeth whitening is today's most sought-after aesthetic treatment in dental offices all over the country. This popularity is due to the procedure's fast, spectacular smile improvement and affordable cost.

After treatment, you can keep that fabulous smile white by brushing and flossing daily, getting professional cleanings every six months, limiting staining dietary choices (coffee, tea, curry, soy sauce) and stopping all tobacco usage.

Learn more

If you're interested in an effective, safe change in your smile aesthetics, why not contact Rose Dental Associates' Albany office today for a cosmetic dentistry consultation? Talk over your goals with your dentist, and together, you can achieve your best smile! Call (518) 456-7673.

By Rose Dental Associates
May 03, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you interested in getting professional teeth whitening in Albany, NY?teeth whitening

Tired of having a smile that has lost its radiance and pizzazz? Find yourself scratching your head looking at all the over-the-counter whitening products trying to figure out if any of them actually give you the results they say they do? If you are looking to get fast, effective whitening results, then put down that commercial whitening kit and turn to our Albany, NY, dentists at Rose Dental Associates.

Tell me about professional teeth whitening…

Professional teeth whitening works in much the same way as the commercial whitening products that you can get from your local pharmacy; however, the main difference is that professional teeth whitening doesn’t have to sit on teeth nearly as long in order to get the results you want. How does this happen?

Well, the whitening gel we use contains an active ingredient that is known to go through the enamel layers and break up stain molecules. The active ingredient is usually either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. While one of these active ingredients is found in over-the-counter whitening products too, there is a significantly higher concentration of this ingredient in our in-office whitening gel.

The higher concentration means that we only have to leave the gel on your teeth for a short period of time (usually no more than 15 minutes at a time) in order to get the ideal results. During the course of your in-office whitening treatment, our Albany, NY, cosmetic dentist will typically apply the gel, leave it on for several minutes, remove the gel and then repeat this process a couple more times. Once your whitening is complete, we will consult the shade guide to show you just how much whiter we were able to get your smile.

What are the benefits of getting professional whitening?

As you might be able to tell, one of the biggest benefits is that you will get visible results in a very short time frame. Those who have a special occasion coming up may need whiter results fast and can’t rely on commercial whitening products to do the trick. This is where our professional whitening system is superior. In about one hour we could get your smile five shades (or more) whiter!

Of course, if you have been whitening from home you may not realize that there are always risks, whether you are using over-the-counter products or a DIY treatment. Why not turn to our dentist who has been specially trained to whiten your smile safely without the potential risks?

The dentists at Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY, pride themselves in offering comprehensive, tailored dental care to every patient that walks through our doors. No matter whether you want to get teeth whitening or you are dealing with a dental emergency, we are there to help you.

By Rose Dental Associates
September 05, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

What makes a smile truly attractive? Certainly, healthy teeth and gums top the list. Beyond, you want straight alignment, no gaps, and teeth whiteningrealistic restorations. The final component is tooth color. In fact, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that most Americans would change their tooth color--brighten it--if they could. The good news is that your Albany, NY family dentists, Dr. Robert Santoro, Dr. Champaka Lakshmi and Dr. Gila Beer at Rose Dental Associates, offer professional teeth whitening that completes the look their patients really desire.

Store-bought whitening

You can purchase an amazing variety of whitening toothpastes, strips, rinses and more at your local drugstore, shopping mall or big box store. Almost all products contain varying amounts of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. Trays and strips which apply the bleaching agent directly to teeth are the very popular.

Despite their popularity, certain problems come with unsupervised whitening methods. For example:

  • Whitening trays are not customized to fit your exact dentition, and gel can spill on sensitive gums and lips
  • Rinses allow very brief contact between your teeth and the active whitening ingredient
  • Over the counter products require weeks to change tooth color
  • You really don't know if your teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening unless your Albany family dentist examines them

All in all, professionally supervised whitening offers many more benefits and none of the risks of do-it-yourself products.

Professional teeth whitening

At Rose Dental Associates, your Albany family dentist gives patients with healthy teeth and gums (no decay, numerous restorations or periodontitis) two wonderful ways to achieve that dazzling, bright smile:

  • At-home whitening, accomplished with daily application of concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel via custom-made acrylic trays
  • In-office whitening, done right at the office in about an hour

Whichever method you choose, rest assured that your cosmetic treatment is safe, effective and professionally monitored. Patients also remark that the change in color is so dramatic (up to eight shades) that they wish they had opted for the treatment long ago. Lastly, professional teeth whitening is an economical enhancement when compared to porcelain veneers, direct bonding or other aesthetic services.

Keeping a smile bright

Poor oral hygiene, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, dark foods and beverages and the simple passage of time create dental stains and an overall dull and dingy appearance. Once your smile is whitened, you can maintain its bright look by:

  • Avoiding tobacco completely
  • Brushing twice a day and flossing daily as the American Dental Association recommends
  • Getting semi-annual cleanings and check-ups at Rose Dental Associates
  • Limiting foods and drinks which stain enamel (soy sauce, blueberries, coffee, black tea, colas, acidic foods)
  • Keeping tooth surfaces clean by drinking plenty of water each day
  • Getting occasional whitening touch-ups as needed

Find out more

If you have good oral health, chances are whitening could enhance your smile. To see if you qualify, contact Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY for a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Santoro, Dr. Lakshmi or Dr. Beer. Call today: (518) 456-7673.

By Rose Dental Associates
January 19, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Over time, many of the foods and beverages in your diet can potentially stain your teeth. Some foods and drinks contain high levels of dental stainsstain-causing substances. When consumed regularly, these items will eventually lead to dull, discolored or stained teeth. Fortunately, regular dental cleanings can help. Additionally, professional teeth whitening treatments applied by your dentist can brighten and correct dull or stained teeth. Rose Dental Associates, your Albany, NY, family dentists, perform thorough dental cleanings and professional teeth whitening treatments.

Foods & Drinks That Stain

There are three main components in foods and beverages that can result in stained or discolored teeth: tannins, chromogens and acids. Tannins help stains stick to teeth easier. Chromogens contain wrong pigments that attach to tooth enamel. Acids weaken tooth enamel, making it easier for stains from foods and beverages to set in. These three substances can be found in a variety of foods and drinks, including those that are typically considered healthy.

Beverages that can stain or dull teeth include coffee, tea, wine and soft drinks. In general, all soft drinks or sodas are extremely acidic and can make teeth appear dull over time. Dark colas, in particular, contain chromogens as well, which further increases the risk of teeth getting stained. Coffees and teas both contain tannins and can stain the teeth if consumed regularly. Red and white wines are both quite acidic and contain chromogens, which is problematic for teeth. In addition to containing chromogens and being acidic, red wine also contains tannins.

Even a healthy diet that includes an abundance of fruit can end up staining your teeth over time. Many berries, such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries, contain high levels of chromogens, which can lead to stained teeth. Tomatoes and cherries contain chromogens, as well. Pomegranates and grapes have both chromogens and tannins. In general, fruits that can stain your hands or clothes can also stain your teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

When your teeth are already dull, stained or discolored, professional teeth whitening treatments can dramatically whiten and brighten your smile in a single visit. During your visit to an Albany family dentist, a professional strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied directly to the surfaces of the teeth and left on for about an hour. Once the whitening gel is removed at the end of the treatment session, the teeth will be visibly whiter and brighter. Results can last for up to five years before additional whitening treatments are needed.

Depending on the types of foods and beverages you consume, your diet can lead to stained teeth. Things you can do to help include brushing your teeth twice daily and scheduling regular dental cleanings. Professional teeth whitening treatments from your dentist’s office are another option for correcting stained teeth. Regular dental checkups at Rose Dental Associates, your Albany, NY, family dentists, can help combat the effects of foods that stain. To schedule an appointment, call Rose Dental Associates at (518) 456-7673.

By Rose Dental Associates
November 18, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out if professional teeth whitening is exactly what you need for that more vibrant smile.

You can freely admit your love of morning cup(s) of coffee; it gets you through the day. You couldn’t imagine giving it up and whenever teeth whiteningyou hear that people don’t drink coffee, you somehow wonder how they can even get going in the morning. Americans certainly love their coffee, but not the stains that come with it. If you are thinking about turning to one of our Albany, NY dentists for teeth whitening, find out if this is the right option for you.

What causes stains?

There are several ways that teeth can become discolored. The most common reasons include consuming stain-causing foods and drinks, like dark sodas, coffee, berries, tomato sauce and red wine. Of course, smoking and even the natural aging process can also take their toll on the color of your smile.

Trauma, excessive fluoride and certain medications (e.g. antibiotics) can also cause stains to form, but these stains are internal rather than external.

Who should consider professional in-office teeth whitening?

An ideal candidate for our teeth whitening system is someone who has healthy, cavity-free teeth, healthy gums and who just wants to whiten their smile. Those with yellow stains respond best to whitening treatment. Stains caused by foods, drinks, smoking or aging will achieve the best results with our in-office system. However, if the stains are more severe, you may require more than one whitening session.

Who might not be a good candidate for teeth whitening?

There are certain factors that can help our Albany cosmetic dentists determine whether teeth whitening is the right approach for whitening your smile. Here are some circumstances we need to take into account:

  • Tooth sensitivity and allergies: Those with receding gums and serious tooth sensitivity may notice an increase in sensitivity after whitening. Also, if you are allergic to peroxide please let us know right away, as our bleaching agents contain peroxide.
  • Dental Problems: If you have cavities, gum disease or worn teeth we may determine that whitening isn’t the best option for you. Gum disease should be under control and cavities should be treated prior to any cosmetic dentistry.
  • Age: Children under the age of 16 should not undergo whitening treatment. Since the dental pulp of the tooth is larger when you are younger, this procedure could cause irritation or sensitivity to the pulp.
  • Dental Work: It’s important to know that everything from dental fillings to crowns and bridges will not whiten, even with our powerful whitening system (the system only works on natural tooth structures). If you want a whiter restoration we will need to replace your old restoration for a new, brighter one.

Stop wasting time and money on one commercial whitening kit after the other and turn to Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY for professional whitening that really works. You’ll be amazed by the results!