What You Need To Know About Cavities?

By Rose Dental Associates
September 12, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: cavities   tooth decay  

Cavities are a top concern for young children as well as adults, because they can lead to more serious dental problems without proper cavitiestreatment. Rose Dental Associates, a family dentist office in Albany, NY, specializes in identifying and treating cavities in their early stages. Find out what you need to know about cavities to preserve your dental health.

How Cavities Form
A cavity is a hole in the tooth that forms because of bad bacteria in the mouth. When you consume a lot of sugar, the sweet residue lies on the surface of the tooth and can become food for bacteria that eats away at tooth enamel. Bad bacteria are normally kept at bay with regular brushing, gargling with mouthwash and flossing, but if you don’t prioritize at-home dental care, cavities can develop.

Risks of Cavities
Cavities put patients at risk of tooth pain and possible tooth loss. Children’s teeth are most vulnerable to cavities because they are young and still developing. Children also tend to eat more sugary foods than adults. Untreated tooth decay can have long-term negative effects on a child’s dental health. Keep in mind that while it takes time for a small cavity to develop into advanced tooth decay, it’s not a good idea to wait. Treatment by your Albany family dentist is most effective when it’s administered in the early stages of a cavity. 

Getting Treated for Cavities
Having a cavity filled is one of the most basic and common procedures performed at the dentist’s office. First, the dentist clears the tooth of bad bacteria and decayed tissue. The area is cleaned thoroughly to avoid further infection. The tooth is then filled with composite resin (tooth-colored) or amalgam (metal) material for protection. A dental sedative will be administered before this procedure to ensure a comfortable experience.

Get Help Today
If you or your child is having a problem with mild to moderate tooth pain, it could be a cavity. Go to Rose Dental Associates in Albany, NY so that a family dentist can catch it early. Call the office at (518) 456-7673 today.