A Diet That Will Stain Your Teeth

By Rose Dental Associates
January 19, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Over time, many of the foods and beverages in your diet can potentially stain your teeth. Some foods and drinks contain high levels of dental stainsstain-causing substances. When consumed regularly, these items will eventually lead to dull, discolored or stained teeth. Fortunately, regular dental cleanings can help. Additionally, professional teeth whitening treatments applied by your dentist can brighten and correct dull or stained teeth. Rose Dental Associates, your Albany, NY, family dentists, perform thorough dental cleanings and professional teeth whitening treatments.

Foods & Drinks That Stain

There are three main components in foods and beverages that can result in stained or discolored teeth: tannins, chromogens and acids. Tannins help stains stick to teeth easier. Chromogens contain wrong pigments that attach to tooth enamel. Acids weaken tooth enamel, making it easier for stains from foods and beverages to set in. These three substances can be found in a variety of foods and drinks, including those that are typically considered healthy.

Beverages that can stain or dull teeth include coffee, tea, wine and soft drinks. In general, all soft drinks or sodas are extremely acidic and can make teeth appear dull over time. Dark colas, in particular, contain chromogens as well, which further increases the risk of teeth getting stained. Coffees and teas both contain tannins and can stain the teeth if consumed regularly. Red and white wines are both quite acidic and contain chromogens, which is problematic for teeth. In addition to containing chromogens and being acidic, red wine also contains tannins.

Even a healthy diet that includes an abundance of fruit can end up staining your teeth over time. Many berries, such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries, contain high levels of chromogens, which can lead to stained teeth. Tomatoes and cherries contain chromogens, as well. Pomegranates and grapes have both chromogens and tannins. In general, fruits that can stain your hands or clothes can also stain your teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

When your teeth are already dull, stained or discolored, professional teeth whitening treatments can dramatically whiten and brighten your smile in a single visit. During your visit to an Albany family dentist, a professional strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied directly to the surfaces of the teeth and left on for about an hour. Once the whitening gel is removed at the end of the treatment session, the teeth will be visibly whiter and brighter. Results can last for up to five years before additional whitening treatments are needed.

Depending on the types of foods and beverages you consume, your diet can lead to stained teeth. Things you can do to help include brushing your teeth twice daily and scheduling regular dental cleanings. Professional teeth whitening treatments from your dentist’s office are another option for correcting stained teeth. Regular dental checkups at Rose Dental Associates, your Albany, NY, family dentists, can help combat the effects of foods that stain. To schedule an appointment, call Rose Dental Associates at (518) 456-7673.